Eastside - Services

5G-IOT Interplay consultation:

Eastside supports customers realise the world of possibilities that the interplay of 5G-IOT promises. We assess your wireless communication needs and structure IOT business cases using 5G technology, helping your business monetise and realise potentials. Reach out to us for:
• Due Diligence
• Market Sizing
• Market Strategy
• Business Case Economics
• Training
• Network planning and operations
• Transformation planning
• Tools- Economic Modelling, ROI Modelling, Simulations Modelling

Eastside and Partner Solutions:

Taking it beyond consultancy, we build an ecosystem of partners in both Telecom as well as the IOT space offering comprehensive solutions.

  • Cloud phone
  • IOT solutions
  • Interference detection platform
  • Asset tracking platform
  • Eastside platform
  • Unified Communications Capabilities
  • B2B marketplace

Services - Eastside and Partner solutions