Eastside About UsEastside Consulting helps uncover the world of possibilities that ‘5G – IoT Interplay’ promises. As IoT is realized, and with the connectivity promises of 5G, Eastside’s specialists, with decades of experience in telecommunications, IoT, business economy and management, moves organisations closer to newer business possibilities and revenue streams, never envisioned before.

At Eastside we keep it simple, taking business guess work out of investment decisions and innovations.

Eastside’s transformational approach, techniques, tools & solutions in ‘5G-IoT interplay’ range from envisioning the use cases to validating business deployment plans and roadmaps.

At Eastside, we value people. From our partners and clients through the entire value chain, we know and believe that every individual is special. We aim and envision to positively influence each individual’s life.



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With over 200 years of cumulative experience, Eastside’s specialists offer invaluable expertise catalysing decision making and business opportunities.


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